Jun 302015

Welcome to the Ready, Sexy, Able news round-up.

June brings us news of a disability-inclusive orgy in Toronto, a sex and relationships magazine for people with intellectual disabilities in France, a “Sexpo” for disabled people in Australia, an advice column for young people experiencing anxiety, and so much more.


If you know of a news or opinion piece published in June that you think should be on this list, please get in touch through the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Danielle Sheypuk

Sex party for people with disabilities comes to Toronto in August.


News, Opinions, and Education

Magazine on love and sex for people with mental disabilities

Ain’t I A Girl/Woman, Too? My Presentation on the Sexuality & Womanhood of Disabled Females at SC Campaign

One Canberra Sex Shop at Feel the Vibe Sexpo for People with Disability

Travis Mathews Talks Tackling Disability and Sexuality In His Upcoming Feature ‘Oscillate Wildly’

We Must Welcome Those With Disabilities

As Someone With a Disability, I Disagree That ‘The Undateables’ Represents Disabled People as a ‘Source of Comedy’

Love and disability: ‘inter-ability relationships’ conquer stereotypes

Sexual healing

Sex educator on a mission to break down barriers around disability and sex

Love, Anxiety, and Fear