About Robin

Photo of Robin, from the shoulders up. She is smiling.

Robbin Mandell.

Robin Mandell is a writer, healthy sexualities advocate, and yoga teacher.

She has been working in the sexuality field as a writer, speaker, and volunteer educator for the past 9 years, and calls on her experience studying Women’s Studies, volunteering with crisis hotlines, and, more recently, training as a yoga teacher, to inform her work.

In 2015, Robin founded Ready, Sexy, Able, an online clearing house of sexuality and disability information and resources. She hopes that highlighting a variety of voices and experiences will encourage people to think about both sexuality and disability, separately and together, with more depth and creativity.

When she isn’t writing or talking about sexuality and relationships, Robin can be found reading quirky novels and nonfiction, practicing yoga, exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest, going to the symphony, browsing Etsy, and spending time with her partner.

Three of Robin’s favourite things: dogs, tea, and gluten-free cookies.