About Robin

Photo of Robin, from the shoulders up. She is smiling.

Robbin Mandell.

Robin Mandell is a freelance writer, and the curator of Ready, Sexy, Able.

She has been working in the sexuality field as a writer, speaker, and volunteer educator for the past six years, and has been disabled her entire life.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and a certificate in Professional and Technical Writing from Washington State University.

Robin was trained as a crisis line worker by the Sexual Assault Centre of Kingston and by CrisisLink (now known as PRS CrisisLink).

Robin owes most of what she knows about sexuality and relationships to renowned educators Ducky DooLittle, Heather Corinna, and Ruth Neustifter. Most of all, she credits the hundreds of young people she talked to in her two years volunteering with Scarleteen with teaching her how to support people to learn about themselves.

Robin has written about sexuality and disability for sexuality sites including Kinkly.com and Fearless Press. Her presentations include The Nuts And Bolts of Accessibility and Why talk about sex and disability anyway? at both The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and Catalyst Con, and was honoured to be included in an ableism awareness panel at American University.

Robin has a special interest in educating healthcare providers about working with disabled patients and clients, especially around the topics of sexuality and sexual health. In April 2016, she was one of four presenters at What Aren’t They Talking About? Sex and Identity in Clinical Practice, a conference for healthcare providers.

When she is not writing or talking about sexuality and relationships, Robin can be found reading quirky novels and nonfiction, practicing yoga, exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest, attending folk music concerts, browsing Etsy, and spending time with her partner.