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Sex Ed For Every Body

Jam Educator Karen B.K. Chan offers us a new way to think about sex and sexuality – one in which “experience and pleasure are valued, partners are collaborators in unscripted journeys, and consent is ongoing and reciprocal, just like in any musical jam session.” Subtitles are available in English, French, and Portuguese.

Click here for some highlights from the film or visit the Jam Youtube page.

Scarleteen. Written for people in their teens and twenties, scarleteen’s articles and advice columns on sex, sexuality, relationships and abuse can be used by people of all ages. Information is updated on a regular basis, and is clear and easy-to-read. Scarleteen is, and always has been disability inclusive. learn more here

Joan PriceJoan is a powerhouse of sexuality knowledge for folks 50 and older. Yes, 50 and older. Seniors can and do have sex and Joan has made it her mission to prove that to the world, and help seniors have happier, safer, more satisfying sexual and intimate relationships. Joan reviews sex toys from a senior sex perspective, and writes about all sorts of subject from the unique relationship challenges facing older people to the best sex positions to try for arthritic joints…and so much more! Click here for Naked At Our Age: Sex and Aging Views and News.