Ready Sexy Able Resources


Deaf Queer Resource Center. Resources for LGBQ and trans deaf people. [learn more here]

Fabled Asp. Fabulous Activist Bay Area Lesbians With Disabilities: A Storytelling Project. [learn more here]

Sexual Health And Disability Alliance. UK-based organization for professionals who support and promote the sexual and relationship needs and rights of disabled people. Visit SHADA’s page.

Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty. Performance art meets disability meets sexualities. Look around their site, and buy their film if you can. [learn more here]

Sexuality And Disability. Created by human rights organizations in India and the United States, this site gives a multi-cultural view of sex, sexuality, and relationships for girls and women with disabilities. Topics include sex and sexuality, pregnancy and parenting, and domestic and institutional violence. First-person stories and advice columns make a supportive, inviting space for girls and women with disabilities, and for organizations, healthcare professionals, and family members who want to learn. [read more here]

Outsiders. A UK-based private social club for people with disabilities. Also offers information and support on sexuality and relationships to disabled people and professionals who work with them. [learn more here]

Touching base. An Australian organization supporting access to sex work for people with disabilities. Best known for producing the documentary Scarlet Road. [learn more here]

Gimp Girl. Online support forum and resource for women with disabilities. [learn more here]

Blind LGBT Pride International. [learn more here]

Women of Color Sexual Health Network. This group’s mission is “to encourage and include more women of color in the field of sexuality, sexology, and sexual health.” Visitors to their site can learn more about sexuality and sexual health in communities of people of color and can search the membership directory (most members currently listed work in the U.S.) for therapists, social workers, health educators and other helping professionals. [learn more here]

Queerability. An organization of and for queer people with disabilities. learn more here

Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood Based in England. Offers information and support to Deaf and disabled parents and professionals who work with them. Publications, available for a small fee and free to parents on request, include
Bathing your child: a practical guide for physically disabled parents
Working with deaf parents: a guide for midwives and other health professionals
, and Planning, pregnancy and birth: a guide for visually impaired parents. Visit this organization’s Web site